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5+1 Eternal Youth Gold Facial Masks Set

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Thanks to the combination of essential oils, butters and natural extracts, Eternal Youth Gold masks become the perfect ally to enhance the daily treatment. A boost of luminosity, nutrition and pro-aging beauty that will make your skin look healthy, fresh and radiant. Deeply moisturizes, fights the...


The Eternal Youth Gold 5+1 Mask Pack is made up of a total of six golden hydrogel facial masks, with a light, soft and pleasant texture, ideal to include as a complement in our weekly routine. The perfect masks to provide a shot of vitality and youth to the skin.

The main ingredients of the mask have the following properties:

Barley malt extract: This extract, of 100% natural origin, has been obtained by extracting barley cereals. It is an extract rich in feluric acid and polyphenolic derivatives that is known for its antioxidant and pro-aging properties. It is a stabilizer of collagen and elastin, moisturizes the skin, protects it from free radicals and fights against the first signs of age.

Combined hyaluronic acid: It is a combination of hyaluronic acid salts of different molecular weights (20-50kDa, 100-130kDa, 1000-1800kDa, 1800-2200kDa) that offers the possibility of combining all the properties of the hyaluronic acid molecule. Known for its anti-aging and moisturizing properties, hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights increases the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin, attracts and retains a significant amount of water (up to 20 times its weight in water) and forms a layer non-occlusive moisturizer to have a gradually more hydrated, soft and firm skin.

Aloe vera: of the liliaceae family, aloe vera or aloe is a plant rich in polysaccharides, vitamins, trace elements and amino acids. This ingredient is obtained by pressing the aloe vera leaves and then drying them cold, a process that preserves the properties of aloe vera. It is known for its softening and moisturizing properties; aloe vera is ideal for the care of delicate skin.


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