Body Sculptor day & night set

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Reduce the volume of your silhouette and eliminate localized fat naturally with the Body Sculptor day & night set. Reduce up to 1.4 cm in 28 days with the power of Holy Thistle and an innovative combination of anti-cellulite active ingredients of natural origin contributing to firmer and smoother...


The perfect combination of body treatment thanks to the sublime combination of essential oils and plant extracts. The Body Sculptor Ritual Pack helps to sculpt, mold and visibly reduce the silhouette, while acting positively on the mind and emotions in order to achieve the most absolute beauty.

Body Sculptor Body Emulsion

A soft and light emulsion capable of reducing up to 1.4 cm in 28 days thanks to its combination of anti-cellulite active ingredients of natural origin such as Holy Thistle and its concentration of active ingredients such as Glycerophosphocholine, Valine and Lysine. Discover the triple effect: firming, lopolitical and draining of this easy-to-apply body emulsion with a silky and light texture.


Body Sculptor Body Oil

A natural fat burner that helps shape the body, effectively sculpting the silhouette and providing a firming and tightening effect. Ideal for use in areas of localized fat and to reduce the general volume, providing a firming and tightening effect.The Body Sculptor body oil is perfect to use during the day, after applying the Queen of Hungary Water or the Alcohol of Rosemary and It will help you eliminate localized fat naturally, reducing and restructuring your silhouette.


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