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Queen of Egypt Body Elixir 200ml

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The Queen of Egypt Body Elixir is a body lotion with an exotic fragrance that deeply nourishes and combats skin ageing, while regenerating and smoothing the skin.


This sublime lotion is made with Oleoresins from Incense and Myrrh and is inspired on the beauty ointments from the ancient queens of Egypt. For the Egyptians, Incense was a symbol of absolute purity and Myrrh represented immortality and eternal youth. Apart from its exquisite perfume and thanks to the benefits of aromatherapy, this Eau de Toilette supports women by providing confidence and self-esteem.

Its unique formula contains Incense, Myrrh and Petitgrain essential oils. All of them have properties that stimulate skin rejuvenation and regeneration. Petitgrain, an essential oil obtained from the leaves of the bitter orange tree, tones and protects the skin.

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