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Silhouette Slimming Set (with Body Oil)

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The Reduce Your Silhouette Pack is designed so that you can shape your silhouette in 3 easy steps. It will help you reduce volume by eliminating toxins and toning your body thanks to the draining effects of our slimming products. With an oily texture.


The Reduce Your Silhouette Pack with Body Oil is made up of:

  • Naturally Pure Body Scrub 200 ml: Fresh exfoliating body gel that is easy to apply and has a pleasant texture that deeply cleanses, purifies and illuminates the skin, leaving it visibly renewed. Naturally Pure Body Scrub, by Alqvimia, is an exfoliating gel suitable for all skin types, easy to apply, pleasant texture and exceptional aroma, totally natural. It is designed for weekly exfoliation of the entire body (except the face). The walnut and coconut shell particles together with a synergy of essential oils help improve microcirculation and skin elasticity, favoring cell renewal and maintaining a healthy and slender figure. In addition, the gel prepares the skin for the subsequent application of ALQVIMIA body products.
  • Reducing Bath Gel 400 ml: Reducing Body Bath Gel with lipolytic, reducing and restructuring action. Indicated for people who require a detoxifying and volume-reducing action and at the same time want to complete the reducing treatment.
  • Reducing Body Oil 150 ml: Reducing Body Oil is the ideal product to combat excess volume, exerting a reducing and lipolytic effect, helping to stimulate tissues. Improves microcirculation and promotes skin renewal exchanges. Reducing, moisturizing and toning action. It acts with a draining effect, helping to combat fluid retention.

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How to use

Naturally Pure Body Scrub


Apply it once or twice a week, in the bath or shower, using gentle circular and ascending movements. Starting from your feet and finish with your arms and hands. It can also be used in specific areas. Rinse with plenty of water. After, tone the skin with the tonic Queen of Hungary water. Finish with the application of a body emulsion (in the morning) or body oil (at night).

Shape Reducer Bath and Shower Gel


As a normal bath or shower gel. Apply in the bath or shower, with ascending circular movements all over the body, which aid the formation of foam and the release of a stimulating fragrance. After taking a bath, apply the Queen of Hungary water with a vigorous massage. For a complete care treatment, apply Shape Reducer Body Oil and/or Shape Reducer Body Elixir.

Shape Reducer Body Oil


Apply the Shape Reducer Body Oil at night all over your body with a gentle upward massage. Apply after a shower on cleansed and slightly wet skin. It is recommended to rub your skin with a body toner, Queen of Hungary water first, in order to facilitate the complete absorption of the product. For a perfect treatment, we recommend using the Shape Reducer Body Elixir in the morning and the Shape Reducer Body Oil at night.

Precautions for the three products

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct light. *Potential colour/scent changes are normal due to the product's natural ingredients.


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