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Wild Herbs hand Soap & hand cream

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Our hands, always active, deserve our attention and care, that's why we have created the Wild Herbs Hand Soap & Hand Cream to give your hands the attention they deserve. Pamper your hands with an enveloping herbal scent of wild and fresh notes leaving them soft and moisturised.


The Wild Herbs Hand Soap & Hand Cream consists of:

Hand soap Wild herbs 200 ml

Enveloping herbal scent that fuses intense wild notes of Hyssop and Thyme essential oil, with fresh nuances of Tea Tree and Lemon essential oil, fused with the balsamic scent ofElemi resin. Contains Jojoba particles that soothe, soften and help counteract dry hands, which together with Elderberry and Hops extracts preserve the skin's moisture. Enriched with Dead Sea salts that provide purifying and balancing minerals and trace elements. Its soothing, moisturising and balancing formula is particularly suitable for skin that tends to dry out and for frequent washing.


Perfect Hands 75 ml

Dehydration, dryness or cracks are some of the problems that our hands suffer from on a daily basis, which is why they deserve special attention. This treatment is dermoprotective and highly nourishing, and at the same time it unifies the skin tone, concealing and even eliminating small spots and imperfections, recovering the youth and beauty of your hands..


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