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Children & Baby's Gift Box

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In this Children and Babies Gift Box by ALQVIMIA, there is a Body Oil, Bath Gel and Eau de Toilette specifically formulated for our little ones.Its aroma blend of Lavander and Citric Essential Oils provide special care for the most delicate skin, as well as induce a feeling of relaxation and inner...


Discover the ALQVIMIA Children and Babies Box, a gift box where you will find the entire range of Children and Babies formulated especially for the care of the most delicate skin.
Wild flowers and citrus fruits blend in harmony to create a delicate aroma in the Children and Babies Range, which will bring well-being and relaxation to the little ones in the house.
Alqvimia's Children and Babies Range has a great relaxing power, and thanks to the aroma of citrus fruits, it connects emotionally with the joy of living typical of childhood. This is why we also recommend it for those adults who need to stimulate joy in their lives.

This unique chest contains:

  • A Bath Gel for Children and Babies 400 ml for bath or shower time.
  • A Body Oil for Children and Babies 150 ml for the care and protection of the most delicate skin.
  • And a 100 ml Eau de Cologne for Children and Babies to perfume the child's clothes with the pleasant fragrance characteristic of the range.
How to use

We suggest the following daily routine with your young ones:

  • Pour a relaxing bath with 5 drops of Essential Oil; choose from: Lavender, Mandarin or Lemon, previously diluted in some Children and Babies Bath and Shower Gel. Lather your child with some Children and Babies Bath and Shower Gel.
  • Apply the Children and Babies Body Oil with a gentle massage, pampering them as you do so. We recommend following the Shantala massage technique for babies and small children.
  • Before dressing your child, spray some Children and Babies Eau de Toilette: the citrus aroma will stay with them all day long.
  • Put 3 drops of Lavender, Mandarin and Lemon Essential Oils in a diffuser placed in the room, and also spray your child’s clothes and bedding with Children and Babies Eau de Toilette.
  • We recommend doing this ritual both in the morning and also at night.

Children and Babies Eau de Toilette: It can be used as a normal eau de toilette for children. Spray this natural eau de toilette over your children’s clothes so that they experience the pleasures that these purest essences awaken in their senses. We suggest using the Children and Babies Body Oil and the Children and Babies Bath and Shower Gel to care for their skin.

Children and Babies Bath and Shower Gel:Apply all over the body when taking a shower or a bath with a gentle upward massage with circular movements that will help create a lather and release its pleasant fragrance. For a complete skincare treatment, after the bath, apply the Children and Babies Body Oil with a gentle massage.

Children and Babies Body Oil:After the shower or bath and on slightly damp skin, apply this Body Oil using a gentle upward massage all over the body after applying the Children and Babies Bath and Shower Gel.


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