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Helichyssum Essential Oil 5ml

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Essential Oil obtained by steam distillation of the flowers of the Helichrysum italicum plant, originating in the Mediterranean. It is also a very effective therapeutic essential oil, so it is a great ally to use in massages diluted with vegetable oils.


Helichrysum Essential Oil is of great therapeutic value, it is a great oil for the treatment of bruises, whether recent or old.

It is also a very effective essential oil to relieve pain, so it is a great ally used in massage diluted in a vegetable oil such as Jojoba Oil or Apricot Seed Oil.

In addition, Helichrysum Essential Oil is a great ally to combat stress and states of weakness or nervous fatigue; in fact, it is a good option to consider to help combat depressive states.

Among its properties and benefits, the following stand out:

Cosmetically: Helichrysum Essential Oil is a great ally for reducing dark circles, puffiness and rosacea at the skin level due to its anti-inflammatory, astringent and draining properties. It also has an effect to treat scars since it has a healing effect and helps regeneration.

At Therapeutic Level: it is an essential oil with anti-inflammatory effect, it has antispasmodic and fluidifying properties, it helps to stimulate diuresis. It also has antibacterial and antioxidant properties as well as expectorants when used in a diffuser.

On a psychological level: it is an essential oil suitable for helping people with depressive states, it has a comforting and anti-stress effect, helping in cases of weakness and nervous fatigue. Used in diffuser and smell helps to move forward and repair emotional wounds as well as calm them. It is an essential oil that helps provide spiritual connection and can contribute to conscious dream recall.

It is an Essential Oil that is part of the Jewels of the Supreme Aromatherapy range. With an important healing action at the skin level, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. It can be used in body and/or facial treatments and is suitable for the treatment of skin with rosacea. Helps treat skin irritations and inflammations thanks to its anti-inflammatory activity. And it helps create a comforting environment, to help in cases of nervous fatigue in its use in the diffuser.

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