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Orange Essential Oil 10ml

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Orange Essential Oil or Citrus aurantium dulcis peel oil, extracted by expression from the peel of the fruit, has great cosmetic virtues. This essential oil is liked by everyone, since it creates an atmosphere of harmony and well-being.

Yin/Yang Polarity




The orange tree is a shrub from the warm areas of China. It was the Arabs who brought orange trees to the Mediterranean for the first time. The Arabs established themselves in the 7th century throughout Spain, and spread its cultivation in large areas of the south of the country such as Valencia, Murcia, Seville. They also took their cultivation to Sicily. Christopher Columbus took it to America, where orange cultivation was established in Florida and California. Starting in the 18th century, orange trade became widespread, until then considered a very expensive fruit.

Among its properties and benefits, the following stand out:

Cosmetic level: soothing tonic, moisturizing, astringent, antioxidant.

A Therapeutic Level: antispasmodic, carminative, digestive, febrifuge, sedative and stimulant.

On a psychological level: gives balance and strength, enthusiasm for life and joy.

It is one of the 12 fundamental essential oils to have in the cabin and start in the world of aromatherapy. A powerful skin moisturizer and rebalancing agent; Indispensable in facial master formulas to treat a wide variety of skin conditions. It has nourishing, anti-wrinkle and skin regenerating properties, therefore a candidate for inclusion in preparations for anti-aging facial and body treatments.

It is an essential oil for anti-stress body oil formulations because on an emotional level it provides balance and strength, peace, joy and enthusiasm for life.

How to use

There are different methods of application and use of Essential Oils and Essential Oil Preparations:


  • Facial Use: A proportion of 99% Carrier Oil and 1% Essential Oil is recommended. This is equivalent to 2 drops of Essential Oil for every 10 ml of Carrier Oil.

  • Body Use: A proportion of 97% Carrier Oil and 3% Essential Oil is recommended. This means 6 drops of Essential Oil for every 10 ml of Carrier Oil.


  • Diffuser: The use of diffusers without heat is recommended, such as the ALQVIMIA Flask, since heat can alter the properties of essential oils. Up to a maximum of 10 drops of Essential Oil Preparation can be used in the diffuser.

  • Bath: Dilute a maximum of 10-15 drops of Essential Oil Preparation in a small amount of milk (vegetable or animal), yogurt, honey, salt or Bath Gel. Essential oils do not dissolve in water, so they need a vehicle to mix in the bath.
  • Inhalation with Steam: Apply a maximum of 5 drops of Essential Oil Preparation in a container with hot water (approximately 1-2 liters) and inhale, covering the head and the container with a towel, to retain the steam for longer.

  • Sauna: Dilute a maximum of 2 drops of Essential Oil Preparation for every 500 ml of water used in the sauna.

Remember that it is important to follow the instructions for use and the recommended proportions to guarantee a safe and effective use of Essential Oils and Essential Oil Preparations.


CITRUS AURANTIUM DULCIS PEEL OIL, LIMONENE*. *Componentes naturales de los aceites esenciales.

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