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Pack Après Soleil

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The Après Soleil Pack is a combination of three essential products to care for and repair the skin after exposure to the sun. It includes an orange blossom water facial toner, a carrot body oil and a calming facial serum for sensitive skin. With toning, moisturizing, rejuvenating and...


The Après Soleil Pack is a complete solution for skin care after sun exposure. This pack includes three essential products: an orange blossom water facial toner, a carrot body oil, and a soothing facial serum for sensitive skin.

Orange Blossom Water Facial Toner is a facial toner especially indicated for young, sensitive and oily skin. This tonic tones, hydrates and regenerates the skin, as well as having a remarkable regulating effect. Thanks to its natural orange blossom water, sourced from North Africa, this toner refreshes the skin while toning it and preparing it for the next step in our Home Spa Facial Beauty Treatment. It also helps in cases of couperosis and contains a preservative of natural origin to protect the product and guarantee its stability. The characteristic aroma of orange blossom water makes it even more pleasant. This toner has been dermatologically tested and has very good skin compatibility.

Carrot Body Oil is a multivitamin facial and body oil, with rejuvenating, toning and tanning effects, for all skin types and especially for aged and devitalized skin. This oil is ideal for the oxygenating treatment of the skin to prepare it before the summer. It contains a wide variety of vitamins, especially A, B, C, D, E and P, and is a valuable source of beta-carotene. These vitamins provide flexibility and softness to the skin, without forgetting their great rejuvenating power. Carrot oil is obtained by dragging a vegetable oil over the carrot pulp, which contains a small amount of this precious oil. Carrot Body Oil can be used all over the body to hydrate and nourish the skin, as well as give it a healthy, tanned appearance.

The Serum Calm is a facial serum for sensitive skin with a calming and decongestant action. Progressively strengthens the epidermis thus preventing it from being altered. This serum is specific for skin with an insufficient hydrolipidic layer due to sudden changes in temperature, stress, sun and pollution. These factors are very unfavorable for this type of skin, which is characterized by variable redness and a general feeling of discomfort.

How to use

How to use after sun exposure:

  1. Clean the face with the Ylang Ylang Cleansing Emulsion.
  2. Apply Orange Blossom Water Facial Toner with a cotton pad all over the face and neck, avoiding the eye area.
  3. Next, apply the Calm Serum to the face and neck, massaging gently until completely absorbed.
  4. Finally, apply the Carrot Body Oil all over the body, focusing on the areas most exposed to the sun.

This daily care routine will help you tone, hydrate, regenerate and protect your skin after sun exposure, while giving it a rejuvenated and healthy appearance. Remember to apply sunscreen during the day to prevent future skin damage. Enjoy your radiant and healthy skin with the Après Soleil Pack!


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