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Rejuvenate Travel Size Pack

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The Rejuvenate Wellaging Travel Size pack is a skin care collection that offers a complete rejuvenation and protection experience anytime, anywhere. Includes a 15ml Essentially Beautiful Rejuvenate Day Cream and a 5ml Essentially Beautiful Rejuvenate Serum, plus an elegant ALQVIMIA 100% cotton...


The Rejuvenate Wellaging pack is a skincare set that combines two luxury products from Essentially Beautiful with an elegant travel bag from ALQVIMIA. This selection gives you a complete skin rejuvenation experience, both at home and on your adventures.

Essentially Beautiful Rejuvenate Day Cream (15ml): This miniature-sized day cream is a treasure of nature. It contains exceptional natural ingredients, such as Star Algae Tensor, which immediately leaves your skin firmer and smoother. Holistic Holy Basil Extract protects the skin from daily stress, while Natural Siberian Ginseng and Cedar Nut Peptides stimulate skin regeneration. In addition, it has a soft Mineral Sunscreen to protect your skin from damage caused by the sun. Its exclusive formula includes a mixture of essential oils that leave a pleasant perfume on your skin.

Essentially Beautiful Rejuvenate Serum (5ml): This pocket-sized serum is perfect for revitalizing your skin anytime, anywhere. Its rejuvenating formula includes bio-retinol obtained from natural extracts, which acts as a "retinol-like" to protect against photoaging. White lupine extract stimulates collagen production, while virgin rosehip, borage and wheat germ oils nourish and regenerate the skin. Its light and quickly absorbed texture leaves your skin silky and revitalized.

ALQVIMIA Toiletry Bag: As a gift, this pack includes an elegant white travel bag made of 100% cotton from ALQVIMIA. It is the perfect accessory to carry your skincare products safely and in style while traveling or on the go.

The Rejuvenate Wellaging pack offers you a complete skin care experience with high-quality products in a convenient format to take with you wherever you go. Keep your skin radiant and rejuvenated anywhere with this set from Essentially Beautiful and enjoy the beauty and well-being you deserve.


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