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Sweet flowers essential oils blend

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Preparation of 100% natural Essential Oils to clean and sweeten the environment, with a balsamic, fresh and characteristic aroma. With a base of amber and tenacious rockrose, the fresh scent of lavandin flowers and the citrus and fresh top of bergamot and lemongrass.


The Sweet Flower Essential Oil Preparation, thanks to the combination of theproperties of its different essential oils, achieves a harmonization andcleaning of the environment. Its essential oils of rockrose and lemongrass have propertiescleaning and refreshing the environment, thus contributing to its purification. His smellsweetens and cleanses the spirit and the environment with the amber, tenacious and balsamic aroma ofthe rockrose that is combined with the freshness of the lavandin flowers and the citric exit of thebergamot and lemongrass providing a sweet harmony and inviting calm andwelfare.

Benefits and Efficacy:

Cosmetically: The Essential Oils of the Sweet Flower Essential Oils Preparation have cleansing, balancing and purifying properties. In case of cosmetic use, preferably at the body level.

Therapeutic: Is a Preparation of Essential Oils that helps to relax and enjoy well-being, helps combat anxiety thanks to bergamot.

Emotional: The Sweet Flower Essential Oil Preparation helps release environmental tensions, purify the room and leave a sweet, balsamic atmosphere with fresh and clean. In this way, it provides a deep well-being and invites a state of meditation and sweet calm.

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