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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 10ml

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It is the "flower of flowers" of essential oils. Essential oil is extracted from Ylang-Ylang, or Cananga odorata, that features warm, floral, exotic and feminine notes. Its aphrodisiac properties have been known for many years.


Her name means 'flower of flowers'. The name ylang-ylang is a Tagalog (Filipino language) derivative of the word ilang meaning 'wild', due to its natural habitat, or ilang-ilan meaning 'rare' suggestively defining its exceptional and delicate essence .

This exotic tree native to tropical Asia and cultivated in Java, Sumatra, Comoros Islands has large delicate pink, mauve or yellow flowers. It gives off an intense and characteristic perfume. The essence is obtained from the variety of yellow flowers.

In Indonesia, ylang-ylang flowers are sprinkled on the bed of the newlyweds in order to favor the wishes of union and as a symbol of purity and love. In the Moluccas Islands, an ointment of ylang-yang and turmeric flowers is prepared for cosmetic use, for hair, skin diseases and to treat fever and infections. In the last century it was used for hair in Macassar oil and to relieve insect bites.

Among its properties and benefits, the following stand out:

Cosmetic Level: antiseborrheic, sebaceous regulator and balancer in the treatment ofoily and dry skin, vitalizing tonic, decongestant and detoxifying.

A Therapeutic Level: hypotensive, sedative.

On a psychological level: aphrodisiac, antidepressant, promotes femininity and self-confidence.

It is one of the 12 basic essential oils to start in aromatherapy. The best essential oil to use to cleanse the skin. And it is a great regulator of oily skin and sebaceous hypersecretion, due to its antiseptic and moisturizing properties.

On an emotional level it has numerous properties, especially for women: powerful relaxant, combats apathy, resignation, dissatisfaction and moodiness. And above all, it contributes to increasing the power of seduction and feminine sensuality.

How to use

Use: Topical use. Perfume to be diluted in a carrier oil. Max. recommendation: 3% (body use).

Cautions: Topical use. Avoid contact with your eyes and other sensitive areas. Keep out of the reach of children. Consult your doctor before using during pregnancy, breastfeeding or with any other medical treatments. Some essential oils are sensitive to light, so don't expose skin to the sun after use. Store in a cool (<25ºC), dry place, away from light. Flammable.




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