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Rosemary alcohol 150ml

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With a toning, refreshing and revitalizing action, it is elaborated respecting the principles of the ancient alchemical tradition: spagyric. Alqvimia Rosemary Alcohol, unlike other similar products on the market, has a traditional manufacturing process, so its production is numbered and limited. On...


Our Rosemary Alcohol preserves the ancient process of making the alchemical tincture of rosemary: the rosemary flowers are picked on a special day and time (taking into account strict astrological criteria and the position of the sun) in order to obtain maximum yield in the process of maceration, and the flowers are macerated with naturally sourced alcohol, under the sun and the moonlight for over 40 days. Once the first phase is completed, the tincture is filtered and the solid parts are calcined three times in a row in a process that lasts several weeks. In this process the trace vegetable elements of the plant that were incorporated into the alcohol are extracted.

Finally, the tincture is mixed with other essential oils such as Rosemary, Lemon and Myrrh and the result is a unique product, with great quality and totally different from other rosemary alcohols that can be found on the market.

Rosemary Alcohol is one of the best-known and most popular cosmetic preparations in the Mediterranean countries. In the past, many women picked up rosemary flowers and macerated them in alcohol in order to obtain its precious tincture. The fame of this product is so great in these countries that some markets sell, even today, rosemary alcohol as a master formula that is made by adding some drops of essential oil to ethyl alcohol.

A nivell energètic, el romaní aporta energia i confiança, fet que el converteix en un gran aliat en situacions de fatiga tant física com mental.

L'Alcohol de Romero està compost per les matèries primeres d'origen vegetal més pures i poderoses. Una extraordinària sinergia de principis actius, 100% natural, amb una fragància estimulant que estimularà els nostres sentits i que ofereix un efecte altament tonificant i vitalitzant, preparant la pell per rebre i potenciar l'eficàcia de qualsevol tractament corporal d'ALQVIMIA. Prepareu la pell abans del massatge afavorint l'absorció de l'oli corporal aplicat posteriorment.

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