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Children and Babies Pack

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Experience the sweetness and softness of your baby's skin with our ALQVIMIA Children and Babies Pack. Includes the Shower Gel and Body Oil, both formulated with natural and gentle ingredients to pamper your little one's delicate skin. Wild flowers and citrus fruits merge in a symphony, providing...


ALQVIMIA has created this range of natural products specially formulated to pamper and protect the delicate skin of children and babies. Wild flowers and citrus fruits merge in a symphony, and thanks to their aromatherapy properties, they provide well-being and relaxation in a completely natural way.

ALQVIMIA Children and Babies Shower Gel:
Our Shower Gel is formulated with precisely selected natural ingredients to gently cleanse your baby's sensitive skin without drying or irritating it. The gentle, sulfate-free formula helps maintain skin's natural hydration, while its delicate scent provides a relaxing and comforting sensory experience for your baby during bath time. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you are using a product that is safe and gentle on your little one's skin.

ALQVIMIA Children and Babies Body Oil:
Our Body Oil is a treasure of care for your baby's skin. This 100% natural and organic oil is enriched with essential oils specifically selected to nourish and protect delicate skin. Gentle, loving application of this oil after bathing provides deep hydration and helps keep skin soft and supple. Its formula not only takes care of your baby's skin, but also provides moments of attachment and affection during the massage.

In short, the ALQVIMIA Children and Babies Pack is the perfect choice for your baby's body care. Each product is carefully crafted to provide an experience of well-being and comfort, while its natural formulation guarantees the safety and softness that your baby's skin deserves. Allow us to accompany you on this beautiful journey of care and love for your little one.


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