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Comfort Legs Body Oil 30ml

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It is a wellness balm for tired legs that helps improve the energy flow in the legs, relieving heaviness and tiredness, promoting blood circulation while decongesting, calming and refreshing. Made from the purest raw materials of vegetable origin such as Vegetable Oils of Sesame, Almonds and...


Well-being balm for tired legs. Comfort Legs helps improve energy flow in the legs. Relieves heaviness and tiredness. Relaxes and calms the effect of generalized swelling caused by long walks, overweight due to obesity, or standing for many hours. Combats the sensation of fatigue and temperature increase, causing a deep well-being.

In its formulation stands out a combination of Essential Oils and Vegetable Oils that make it the perfect product to tone, detoxify, energize and revitalize the legs. It favors the return circulation, activates the lymphatic system, decongests, calms and refreshes

The essential oils of Rosemary, Cypress and Juniper are powerful activators of the energy flow; Mint, refreshing and invigorating; and some citrus notes based on Lemon, Orange and Grapefruit together with Nutmeg, complete the synergy of active ingredients with an integral effect for the complete well-being of tired legs. The vegetable oils used in the formula as an active base also act by providing hydration, nutrition and extra regeneration for complete skin care.

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