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Wild Herbs Hand Soap 30ml

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Approximate product duration of 20 days.Wild Herbs Hand Soap in travel size format is a unique experience of cleanliness and freshness for your hands. With its soft, aromatic gel texture and distinctive wild herb fragrance, this soap is ideal to take with you.Formulated with jojoba esters and Dead...


Wild Herbs Hand Soap in travel size format offers an exceptional cleaning and care experience for your hands anywhere, anytime. Its texture is a soft and aromatic gel that envelops you in a characteristic fragrance of wild herbs, a mix of notes that include the balsamic and spicy base of elemi, the fresh, wild and herbal tones of hyssop, tea tree and thyme. , and the sweet and citrus freshness of lemon.

This soap not only provides effective cleaning, but also takes expert care of your hands. Its gentle formula contains jojoba esters, known to counteract skin dryness, and Dead Sea salts, a rich source of minerals and trace elements that contribute to the deep cleansing of pores and the elimination of toxins. lemon citrus.

What makes Wild Herbs Hand Soap truly special is its enrichment with essential oils of hyssop, thyme, tea tree, lemon and elemi, all with unique aromatherapeutic properties and a fresh aroma that transforms each hand wash into a revitalizing moment. lemon citrus.

The formula also includes St. John's Wort extract and Borage extract, both known for their calming and regulating properties. St. John's wort stands out for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant flavonoids, while borage soothes irritated skin and helps maintain moisturizing balance. lemon citrus.

The application is simple: moisten your hands, apply a dose and rub with a gentle massage in circular movements. Then, rinse and dry your hands well. For complete care, it is recommended to use Perfect Hands hand cream and Hand and Nail Protective Oil weekly. lemon citrus.

The main ingredients in this hand soap offer a number of additional benefits. Jojoba esters reduce pore size and increase hydration, in synergy with the glycerin of the glycolic extracts of St. John's Wort and Borage. In addition, the soap generates a soft and creamy foam thanks to a mixture of surfactants of natural origin, obtained from sustainable sources. It is naturally preserved with a probiotic base, guaranteeing its stability and protection. lemon citrus.

The RPET packaging demonstrates the product's commitment to the environment, since it is recycled and recyclable plastic. In addition, its dosage and use are extremely easy, making it a perfect travel companion to keep your hands clean, fresh and well cared for at all times. lemon citrus. Wild Herbs Hand Soap in travel size format offers a unique experience of cleanliness and freshness for your hands, with high quality ingredients and a distinctive fragrance that will accompany you wherever you go.


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