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Discover the essentials of our exclusive line of natural and holistic high-end cosmetics to complete your beauty routine. With our luxurious white cosmetic bag as a gift, you can take essential cosmetics with you in practical travel size formats wherever you go. ALQVIMIA products offer the quality...


The travel essentials pack with a white toiletry bag is made up of the following products:

  • White organic cotton toiletry bag: This luxurious toiletry bag is ideal to take on a trip, to the gym or anywhere in your bag or backpack. 100% organic cotton fabric and with a magnet clasp. Interior covered in gold satin.
  • Micellar water with ylang-ylang and bamboo 30 ml: Cleanse, remove make-up, purify and care for your facial skin with a micellar water with natural extracts of bamboo and marshmallow with double action against pollution: prevents the adhesion of polluting particles and eliminates that may have accumulated during the day in an urban environment.
  • Reusable organic cotton make-up removing pads: Remove makeup and dirt from your skin with the help of Alqvimia's reusable make-up removing pads. A pack of four 100% organic cotton make-up remover discs, handmade with local production, being faithful to ALQVIMIA's purpose of promoting the local economy. Being reusable, we are committed to generating less waste.
  • Body Sculptor Bath and Shower Gel: Helps sculpt the silhouette by acting on fluid retention and localized fat, and enhancing the effectiveness of products in the same range.
  • Naturally Scrub Body Scrub: Soapy gel that emulsifies very easily and is removed with lukewarm water. Contains exfoliating microparticles of walnut and coconut shells.
  • Body Sculptor 30 ml body emulsion: Reduces up to 1.40 cm in contour in just 28 days thanks to the power of a great combination of anti-cellulite and reducing active ingredients that, together with the great draining power of Holy Thistle, stimulate and remodel body tissues, contributing to decrease in body volume.
  • Bust Firming Emulsion 30ml: A soft, delicate emulsion with a pleasant aroma to take care of the delicate bust area, leaving it smooth, hydrated and with a pleasant perfume. It also presents its 30 ml format, ideal to take on a trip, in your gym backpack, or in your bag so that you can continue taking care of yourself and your feminine energy wherever you are.

How to use

Bust Firming Emulsion: Apply in a gentle circular massage 12 times clockwise and 12 counterclockwise until completely absorbed. Use preferably after bath or shower and with slightly damp skin. At Alqvimia we recommend its application with the Taoist Chest massage technique.

Body Sculptor Emulsion: Apply the body emulsion all over the body, especially in areas of interest or with localized fat overload, with a light massage until completely absorbed. We recommend its use daily, in the morning, after a bath or shower with clean and slightly damp skin.

Body Sculptor bath gel: Apply in the bath or shower with a gentle upward massage all over the body with circular movements, which favor the formation of foam and the release of a stimulating fragrance.< /p>

Naturally Pure Body Scrub exfoliator: We recommend applying the product 1-2 times a week, in the bath or shower, in a circular and ascending manner, starting with the feet and ending on the arms and hands . It can also be used in isolated areas. Rinse with plenty of lukewarm water. Follow with the application of Rosemary Alcohol or Queen of Hungary Water and the Oil or Body Emulsion that you want. For facial use we recommend the Alqvimia Naturally Pure Scrub facial scrub. 

Micelar Water with Ylang-Ylang and Bamboo: With the reusable ALQVIMIA Organic Cotton make-up remover pads, gently apply the product to the face using circular movements to cleanse and remove impurities from your skin. Then follow the usual steps of your facial routine.

Keep in a cool, dry place protected from light. External use. *Possible changes in color and odor are normal due to the natural components of the cream and do not affect the quality of the product.


Detailed information is available on the website of each product


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