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Clove essential oil 10ml

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Clove Essential Oil (Eugenia Caryophyllus leaf oil) is obtained from distilling clove leaves. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.


The clove tree, an evergreen tree, grows wild in the Moluku Islands of Indonesia and is cultivated in Tanzania, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Jamaica and Guinea. The word clove comes from the Latin clavus because the dried buds look like tiny nails. The species was also known to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. In her book Morborum Causae et Curare, Saint Hildegarde wrote that clove is one of the ingredients in remedies for headaches, migraines, deafness after a cold; She said that clove warms those who are cold and refreshes those who are feverish.

Among its properties and benefits, the following stand out:

Cosmetic Level: Astringent, soothing, tonic, dermoprotective...

A Therapeutic Level: General stimulant ideal for cases of weakness, anthelmintic,analgesic, carminative..

On a psychological level: Aphrodisiac and stimulant of vital energy.

It is the essential oil that par excellence combats the sensation of pain (back, never, spine, lower back, migraines, ...). Along with tea tree and rosemary, it is one of the essential oils of choice in thepreparation of magisterial formulas of body oils for those people who are going through periods of weakness. Indispensable essential oil in the cabin of a masseur or therapist.

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