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Bust Firming Oil 30ml

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Bust Firming Body Oil, firms, tones and lifts the bust up to 2.2 cm without surgery and in a 100% natural and effective way, restoring its original beauty and smoothness.


Alqvimia has formulated a comprehensive cosmetic product that acts on all the necessary levels to care for your bust. It improves skin elasticity and muscle tone through its highly regenerative and tightening properties.

Secondly, the Bust Firming oil moisturises and nourishes the skin, ensuring skin does not become flaccid.

Its 100% natural unique formula encourages the restructuring active ingredient to penetrate the skin, making it possible to shape the volume of any bust that, due to age or hormonal disorders, may have changed.

In addition, Bust Firming improves bust appearance and makes skin look satin-like and soft, making it visibly nourished and moisturised. It naturally enhances appeal of the neckline.

Organic almond, hazelnut and rosehip vegetable oils are an excellent source of essential fatty acids that encourage skin regeneration and activate skin defence mechanisms by minimising transepidermal water loss and encouraging constant skin moisturisation. Fenugreek extract is a powerful and natural firming agent and its toning, nourishing and regenerating properties are well known, in addition to being an emollient. Resin extract from the commiphora mukul bush, native to the Arabian Peninsula, acts by elevating triglyceride levels in adipocytes, which completes the tightening, firming and toning action. Finally, complete the formula with a synergy of essential oils such as lemon, orange, geranium, ylang-ylang and lemongrass, all excellent skin protectors, regenerative, moisturising and firming and invigorating.

Optimal cutaneous tolerance tested under occlusive patch for 48h.

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