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Queen of Egypt body oil 150ml

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Body oil with an exotic fragrance that deeply nourishes, combats skin aging, regenerates and smoothes the skin, while providing self-esteem and confidence.Wrap yourself in a halo of fascination and enchantment with its exotic fragrance inspired by the anointing of Queen Cleopatra. With...


In ancient times, anointing with body oils or oils was both a religious and cosmetic rite. The queens of ancient Egypt were considered living goddesses because in reality each woman, by being one, carries within herself the essence of the goddess, of the great feminine cosmic principle. Smearing the body of a woman is smearing the body of a queen or a goddess, very special products of great purity and quality are required. This body oil is basically made with Frankincense and Myrrh oleoresins. The woman who uses this oil will feel like a queen, like a goddess, like what she is. The wonderful and exotic fragrance will fill you with an aura of fascination and charm.

Alqvimia unites the noblest and highest quality Vegetable Oils with the efficacy of the purest Essential Oils to present the Queen of Egypt Body Oil, a unique cosmetic in its category.


  • Almond Oil.
  • Essential oils and oleoresins of: Petitgrain, Frankincense and Myrrh.

The Reina de Egipto Body Oil is based on Almond Oil, which provides elasticity and smoothness to the tissues. The oleoresins of Frankincense and Myrrh have a rejuvenating effect on the skin and its exotic fragrance provides a sensation of balance and harmony. Frankincense was considered by the Egyptians the symbol of absolute purity and Myrrh the symbol of immortality, of eternal life.


Apply with a gentle upward massage all over the body, with clean and slightly damp skin after a bath or shower and preferably at night.

To prepare the skin:

  1. Take a shower with the Queen of Egypt Bath and shower Gel from Alqvimia.
  2. Before applying Queen of Egypt Oil, we recommend first rubbing the skin with one of our body toners Rosemary Alcohol or Queen of Hungary Water for favor the complete absorption of the product.
  3. During the day apply the Body Elixir body Queen of Egypt en form of gentle massage throughout the body. At night we recommend the use of Body Oil.
  4. Hydrotherapy: Add 10 drops of the Preparation of Essential Oils Queen of Egypt and take 2-3 baths a week.
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