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Natural Fitness Body Oil 30ml

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Approximate product duration of 12 days. The Natural Fitness Oil in Travel Size format is the perfect companion for your sports routine. This massage oil with essential oils helps you activate circulation, tone and revitalize the skin before or after exercise. Its balanced and refreshing formula...


Playing sports as part of your routine requires specific care for the skin. Alqvimia offers the ideal solution, a 100% natural massage oil that activates microcirculation, tones and moisturises the skin and provides a pleasant sensation of freshness and vitality, preparing your body for routine or non-routine sport practice and for the period after exercise. It relieves the feeling of tiredness and aids relaxation after exercise.

Natural Fitness Body Oil is made from the purest natural raw materials of plant origin. Almond Oil is one of the ingredients, which provides moisturisation, nourishment, elasticity and smoothness to the skin's tissues. It is combined with an active synergy of Essential Oils whose main properties which aid microcirculation; having a toning, oxygenating, relaxing and decongesting action, whilst also regenerating and protecting the skin.

ALQVIMIA Natural Fitness Oil in Travel Size format is an essential ally for those who practice sports. This massage oil has been designed to care for the skin before and after exercise, offering a refreshing and revitalizing experience.

The combination of essential oils that make up this product acts effectively to prepare the muscles before exertion or relax them afterwards. Applied before physical activity, it helps activate blood circulation, tone the skin and prepare the muscles for effort. Applied after exercise and accompanied by a massage, it relieves the feeling of fatigue and helps reduce signs of tiredness.

This oil is made with raw materials of plant origin, highlighting sweet almond oil. This Mediterranean oil is known for its ability to provide elasticity and smoothness to the skin, as well as for its moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating properties. It is ideal for taking care of delicate skin and keeping it well hydrated.

The synergy of essential oils includes rosemary essential oil, which acts as an anti-inflammatory and circulation stimulant, chamomile and pine essential oil that improve symptoms of pain and muscle cramps, and thyme essential oil with a flushing action. which increases blood flow.

The Natural Fitness Travel Size Oil is balanced and refreshing, making it the perfect companion for your travels and your sports routine. Take this small wellness bottle with you and keep your skin in its best shape, ready for sport, anywhere and anytime. Your skin will enjoy the vitality and freshness it needs to face your sporting challenges.

How to use

Cautions: Do not expose skin to the sun or other sources of UV light after using this product. Avoid contact with your eyes and other sensitive areas. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct light. Topical use.

*There may be colour or aroma changes due to the natural components of the product, however, this does not change its quality. 

Use: Apply with gentle upward massaging movements all over your body, before and after playing sports, on clean and slightly wet skin after taking a bath or shower with any Alqvimia gel. We recommend to first apply Rosemary Alcohol or Queen of Hungary Water revitalizing toners.



CHAMAECYPARISSUS EXTRACT, LIMONENE*, LINALOOL*, CITRONELLOL*, GERANIOL*, CITRAL*, EUGENOL*. * Componentes Naturales de los Aceites Esenciales / Natural Components of Essential Oils


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